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About Par 4 DJ Services

Jeff Puska (Owner / DJ) & Ted Puska (Mentor / DJ) combine to share over 45 years of experience. Both born and raised in Ladysmith, BC, they bring the knowledge of music to your party that you want in a DJ. Ted has been sharing his knowledge of music with Jeff for years and is excited to grow the business. The first wedding Ted DJ'd was his own back some 35 years ago and Jeff's first wedding was 14 years ago. Ever since they have been providing music for all occasions, so please feel free to contact for your quote today.

The name “Par 4” originated from Ted as Jeff's hockey pool team name “Par 4 the Course” because of the professional golfer background Jeff has. When Jeff looked for an opinion from his dad about the company name, his first choice was to go with Par 4 the Course but it was shorten to just Par 4 for simplicity. This is how “Par 4 DJ Services” was born.

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